Burma Storybook | Poetry and Photography BOOK
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Poetry and Photography BOOK

Poetry and Photography BOOK

We are currently in production on our Burma Storybook poetry and photography book.

This will be a beautifully designed hardcover poetry and photography book: with biographies and poetry by seventeen Burmese poets from our project, and photography by acclaimed Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg.

Release of the book is planned for June 1st to coincide with the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam – the biggest poetry festival in the world.

The book will be full color, approx. 200 pages, English and Burmese language. Design by Jeroen Jas of Studio Jas in Amsterdam.

We are also preparing a Burmese language only pocket edition of the book to be distributed in Myanmar only in the second half of 2017, as part of our free mobile cinema outreach campaign.