Burma Storybook | CPHDOX – Copenhagen – international premiere
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CPHDOX – Copenhagen – international premiere

CPHDOX – Copenhagen – international premiere

Our official international premiere was at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen. This is a super inspiring festival. The programmers succeed in engaging a big young audience, with a mix of creative documentary films, art projects and music.

Photo: CPH:DOX performance of British rock band The Tindersticks, presenting ‘Minute Bodies’: a tribute to time lapse pioneer F. Percy Smith, who in the 1900s filmed elements from our microcosm.

The most special part of the screening of Burma Storybook in Copenhagen was that one of the main characters in our film – Nywein Chan Aung – who lives in Finland, was invited to the festival. He saw the film for the first time. Seeing him watching the emotional highlight of the film: when he meets his parents in Burma for the first time after twenty years broke our hearts.

Photo: Petr with Nyein Chan Aung at the Danish Film Institute, before our screening.

During the Q and A after the screening, we had a beautiful remark from a young Ukranian filmmaker.  He told us that before he had watched the film, he imagined as Burma as a far away place. After seeing the film, he told us: “The people there are going through the same things as we are in the Ukraine. Injustice feels the same no matter where you are in the world. Burma feels close to my heart now.”

What a wonder.

You can read an interview with Petr in Copenhagen here.

And a wonderful Danish review of the film.