Burma Storybook | One World Prague
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One World Prague

One World Prague

Burma Storybook was in the International Competition at One World Prague  – the biggest human rights film festival in the world.  This was the Czech premiere of the film (Petr was born in Prague, so we had a “Czech national” premiere of the film….)

Photo: Petr at One World Prague with Czech based journalist/writer Linn Htant. A former political prisoner who now lives in Prague, Linn Htant worked with us on Burma Storybook as our Burmese-English translations and subtitling supervisor. We were proud to show him the full film at last – for a big festival audience. He also was the monitor for the Q&A session afterwards.

Linn Htant left the audience in awe after the screening.  He simply told them: Burma Storybook is also my story. I spent over twenty years in jail for my political beliefs. This is my story, and the story of so many in my country.

One World is the most important Human Rights film festival in the world, and a place to hook up with many compassionate fellow filmmakers who try to film this world into better place.

Petr and Corinne before the screening…

And after in a Q and A with our dear friend Igor Blazevic, the founder of the One World Festival, and a long-standing Burma activist, who helped us tremendously in Burma.